Our products

G.A. Wesselink-Hofs is a producer of crane mats for every application. Our crane mats characterized theme self for there quality and durability. We offer all the standard sizes from 3 till 12 meter in full Ekki. Also we offer crane mats in Ekki mix.
Beside of the standard sizes we can produce crane mats to customer specifications. Dimensions, materials and processes are fully interaction with the client.
Because our own production and stock are we able to response quick to requests.
  • Oil industries
  • Crane and heavy-lift projects
  • Temporary roads
  • Foundation machines
  • Internationale dredging company’s
  • On- en offshore company’s
– Ekki
– Okan
– Dabéma
– Eveuss
– 10 cm t/m 35 cm thick
– 300 cm t/m 1200 cm long
– Standard 100 cm wide
– Custom crane mats
– Steel C45
– RVS steel
– Different wide/thickness and lengths
– Extra holes
– Extra steel